Shelley Marcus

Shelley Mcurrent-headshot-2_17arcus is an Early Childhood Educator and Mindful Living Consultant. She has long believed and taught, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

For more than 35 years Shelley has had the good fortune to teach (and learn) in a wide variety of environments including India, California and New York. For nearly 25 of those years she taught at The Paideia School in Atlanta helping to formulate their current full-day 5-6 year old classes.

Shelley’s work, as an educator, embraces the importance of play as a means of supporting healthy childhood development. Her work is based largely upon the DIR principles as they relate to the core developmental capacities of regulation, engagement, and reciprocity, combined with a focus on social and emotional thinking, resilience, and mindfulness.

Over 10 years ago, Shelley joined with Julie Carnes to create small specialized, reflective-thinking play groups that provide children who have a wide range of developmental challenges a highly supported, safe and trusted environment where they can warmly and respectfully engage in imaginary play.

In addition to these groups, school observations, and family visits, Shelley enjoys bringing her more than 40 years of personal meditation practices to her one-on-one customized work as a consultant/coach/mentor with parents, colleagues and other professionals in their individual pursuits for more mindful living.

To contact Shelley Marcus please call/text: 770-335-4200, visit, or fill out a contact form.

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